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BIOEFFECT, the multi-award winning Icelandic skincare brand, announces the launch of the BIOEFFECT EGF EYE MASK TREATMENT, a revitalizing and deeply hydrating treatment developed to give the eye area an instant lift. The treatment consists of a 3ml bottle of BIOEFFECT EGF EYE SERUM and 6 pairs of hydrogel eye masks. The rejuvenating anti-ageing formula in the eye serum together with the innovative eye masks give the delicate eye area an intensive hydration boost. The results are better appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, restored radiance and firmness of the eye area and reduced signs of tiredness and under-eye puffiness. 

The BIOEFFECT EGF EYE SERUM in the treatment is a powerful anti-ageing formula, containing higher concentration of EGF than in the regular BIOEFFECT EGF EYE SERUM. It is specifically developed to target the sensitive skin of the eye area. EGF naturally occurs in human skin where it turns on biological processes involved in the maintenance of healthy looking skin. The powerful dose of EGF works as a biochemical messenger to the skin around the eyes, signaling fibroblasts deeper in the tissue which are responsible for collagen production. 

The BIOEFFECT EYE MASK is a cooling hydrogel eye mask, designed to allow the EGF EYE SERUM to absorb into the skin for maximum effect. It instantly restores radiance and freshness to the eye contour area and reduces signs of tiredness and under-eye puffiness. The eye masks fit any facial shape like a second skin. Suitable for all skin types.


Use your fi­ngertips to gently massage the BIOEFFECT EGF EYE SERUM into clean skin under the eyes. Open the sachet carefully, gently remove the masks from the plastic sheet and place one under each eye, leaving them to absorb the serum into the skin for a period of 15 minutes. Remove and discard the masks, and gently spread any remaining serum around the eye area. Recommended usage is 1-3 times a week.



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