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Olfactory description: 
Pink Berry, Leaf of Rasberry bush, Violet, Musk

“Just imagine! The powdery tones of rustling taffeta, dainty mule slippers, porcelain skin flushed with rouge and rose, sweet delicacies, secrets whispered in a pearly boudoir, a scented fan and even a stolen kiss! This candle reflects the frilly scents of this elegant femininity: violet and mimosa form the unforgettable sillage.”
Elisabeth de Feydeau


During her beauty ritual, a high society woman, along with her chambermaid, would apply her makeup and beauty spot in the company of her friends or her suitors. Atop the dressing table would be strewn beauty cases and small statues of dogs and exotic birds serving as perfume bottles. She would be dressed in a pastel taffeta negligee with a matching pair of mules. Once all makeup and treatments had been applied to the face, the woman of elegance would have her perfume applied and her hair styled and powdered by a wigmaker/hairstylist, who, using a large silk powder puff, would cover the wigs and hair in powder. During the 17th century, bouquets of violets picked from nearby forests were sold in the streets of Paris. Wild violets grew in the English garden of the Petit Trianon, emitting a sweet, soft scent that sent Marie-Antoinette into raptures. From the very first day of her life as queen, she followed the councils of her mother Marie-Thérèse. She set the tone for the Court, France and all of Europe. Dress designs were “à la reine”, as were hairstyles. Everything was the queen’s way: clothing, jewelry, shoes, fragrances and even food. It had to be “à la reine” to be elegant. Her perfumer Jean-Louis Fargeon thus started creating very soft violet fragrances featuring the fresh notes the queen loved, which he also sold to all the women of elegance who wanted to imitate the queen. The humble and loyal violet, emblem of youth, beauty and generosity, owes its fame to Marie-Antoinette. It was used in perfume, eaten in preserves, and served in the kitchens to color creams and scent butter. Its blossoms were also used to decorate salads.


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