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La Montespan

62.00 CHF

Olfactory description

Spicy and Peppery Notes, Tuberose, Wood and Balms

"By evoking King Louis XIV’s favourite, I wanted to find a tuberose fragrance that is both enticing and sultry. Aphrodisiac, dangerous and addictive, tuberose is much like the fallen Marquise de Montespan. The candle dedicated to her emits the same warm and bewitching scent as this unique flower. "

Elisabeth de Feydeau


Françoise Athénaïs de Rochechouard de Mortemart, a marquise known by the name of Madame de Montespan, shared the allure of pleasure, luxury and the flesh with Louis XIV. She became his mistress in 1667, and his official favourite in 1674. Spiritual and brilliant, she charmed the king all those years as she joined him in the shrewdest indiscretions at Versailles and was feared by the courtiers. Her passion for luxury matched and then fuelled King Louis XIV’s taste for magnificence. Enamoured of Montespan, he had the Château de Clagny built for her at Versailles, where she became a patron of the arts and took writers such as La Fontaine and Molière under her protection.

Like a tuberose with a bewitching scent, La Montespan feared loosing her hold over the monarch and his devoted affection. She was wary of her rivals, such as Marie-Angélique de Fontanges, who she could have easily eliminated with poison concealed in the heady scent of tuberose[1]. A flower native to the Indies, tuberose was brought to Europe in 1594 by a Spanish doctor. It was introduced to France in the seventeenth century.

At the Court, the tone was set, for who did not know of Montespan’s penchant for perfume and poison? In the wake of the “Affair of the Poisons”, dissimulated in the scent of tuberose, Madame de Montespan was neglected by the king and driven from the Court of Versailles.


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