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Miller Harris


About Miller Harris

Lyn Harris is a story teller with fragrance as her medium. As her creations evolve, scenes, textures and colours are revealed in a deliberate interweaving of art, science and above all, nature.  Her signature style is defined by her love of naturals and her precision in using them is prevalent in all her creations, reflecting in distinct greens and woods that underpin many of her olfactory designs. In pursuit of sensual expression and desire to push the boundaries, Lyn masterfully blends the classic and contemporary to create daring, speculative and evocative fragrances.

“I am obsessed with finding what I call the other side of the scent, which means I want to bring a different slant to the scent,

as in my bitter fig, which is not a typical green fig but brings the experience of a fig by the sea.”

The foundation stone of the Miller Harris brand is precious natural ingredients. Lyn’s unique style comes from her dedication to fragrance. She is unrepentant in her search for new materials, sourcing the best from around the world: iris from Florence, violet leaf from France, jasmine from Egypt, orange flower from Tunisia and sandalwood from the Pacific.

All the fragrances used are the highest quality naturals available, which gives the soul and essence to all the Miller Harris scents. With these precious notes in her possession, her aim is always to preserve their delicacy so they work in harmony creating works of art.


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